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An important point to understand what is a smart city is how to differentiate this concept from other forms of digital spaces as follows: a digital city and an intelligent environment.

All smart cities are also digital cities, but not all digital cities are smart. The difference is in the capacity to solve problems of smart cities, the remarkable capacity of digital cities is in the service offering through the digital communication. Consider the following exemples: the administration of a city or local community offers online services (through your web portal or other mechanism), it already offered directly. This is a typical case of a digital city, a community creates new services to your citizens using digital spaces to consult them, and online collaborative tools. This is typical of a digital city.

The Smartgreen solution bet on a short-term return of investment, through the economy generated with the technology.

The economy happens with asset management as: consumption of electric power, water and gas, besides effective management of the use of vehicles, security control and environment, among other management tools that allow the integration of automation.

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